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Hefei  DVL  Electron  Co., Ltd. as the first batch of high-tech enterprises to obtain seed funds, has been allowed to set up academicians workstations, products involved in medical minimally invasive, minimally invasive training, mobile medical field, to undertake national research projects(such as 863),major projects. And has been approved by the Development and Reform Commission to set up the first domestic medical minimally invasive research center, with the University of West London, the Netherlands Groningen  University,Hefei University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish a joint laboratory, the research products had got a number of national key new product title,also included

Hefei DVL Electron Co., Ltd
DVL is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of high-end optical video …


Celebrate the founding of the PLA 90th Anniversary
Celebrate the founding of the PLA 90th Anniversary! …
Anhui provincial bureau of meteorology issued a high temperature red alert
DVL reminds everybody to pay attention to heatstroke preve…
Minimally invasive endoscopic center for participation in the participation of African Ghana
Jul 13th 2017, DVL participates the largest private hosp…
A fruitful year and a year, DVL, the more from the beginning
It\'s another hot summer,the green plants in DVL park are …
Bank of the people\'s livelihood the meeting of shareholders held in Chizhou
May 26th a.m,the bank of people\'s livelihood the meeting …
DVL electron blockbuster debut in 2017 CMEF , High - end products show enterprise strength
May 15th,The 77th (CMEF)(spring)of the curtain was opened …
Show the power of science and technology, DVL re - invented the patent
In the near future,by our company and the Chinese academy…
Yang shanlin was at the unveiling ceremony of academician workstation
May 5th, Yang shanlin of Chinese academy of engineering at…
Youth forever
Today is may fourth youth day,to commemoratethe festival e…
Preview of exhibition—The CMEF (Spring)2017
May 15th---18th in 2017,The CMEF (Spring)2017 will be held …
DVL Electron will wish you a happy labor day
DVL Electron will wish you a happy labor day! …
DVL Electron re - invented the patent
Recently,by our company and the Chinese academy of sciences…
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